Monday, November 28, 2016

Mystery Quilting - Part 1

So Bonnie Hunter has started her Mystery Quilt for 2016!  I'm a huge fan of hers, so I'm excited to sew along in real time with her and all of the other Quiltvillians!  This year's is entitled "En Provence":
Click to go to the "En Provence Mystery" page on Bonnie's blog Quiltville
In the Intro Post, Bonnie has us pick out our fabrics based upon the gorgeous lavender fields she visited in...Provence! 😀 Here are her paint chips for the color scheme:

And here are the fabrics I pulled:

Instead of the magenta "constant" fabric, I picked the light blue w/the purple triangles.  I was really tempted to buy new fabric for this project, but I forced myself to use up my existing know, to make more room for new fabric!   Most of these are reproductions, so I'm hoping that will be the overall feel. But I think my yellow is a little too "gold" and not enough "butter"...I'm hoping it will all work out!

I'm also only going to do half of the amounts in the hopes of ending up with a throw-sized quilt.   

So it looks like Bonnie will be posting "Clues" every Friday for us to complete.  Our first part was to make a bunch of 3-inch four-patches out of our neutral fabrics...221 to be exact!




I ended up with 120.  I love how scrappy and cute they are!  You can check out the progress of the other Quiltvillian participants in the Monday Link-Up.

I'm really going to make an effort to keep up with the clues as they come, but of course there's Christmas gift-making to do, and I volunteered to basically make a quilt for a friend of mine to give to her son.  Can't wait until I can retire and quilt/craft/knit/create about 10 years!! 😂😂


  1. I love keeping up. It alwats feels impossible since I work five to six days a week but somehow it always gets done!

  2. Lovely start on your cute little machine.

  3. Love your CW fabrics..I have most of your neutrals too. just beautiful!

  4. Great fabric choices, love the neutrals!