Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"BLOOM" Sew Along, Block 7

I'm still plugging along on the "Bloom" quilt by Lori Holt of "A Bee In My Bonnet", and I am up to Block 7:

Credit: "A Bee In My Bonnet".  Click the pic for Lori's tutorial.
I thought I would be too cool for school, and just followed the pattern directions for the block without looking at the tutorial first.  As a result, I made a blue flower with a yellow center, as instructed in the pattern.  But when I saw the block that Lori had actually made on her blog, I was so jealous!  Just look at Lori's fabric choices for her block!  So cute!  I hereby vow to deviate from the pattern more often.

Okay, so I traced, cut, pressed and appliqued my way to a finished block:

Pretty painless, and it's so cute!

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