Saturday, June 11, 2016

Picking Pockets!

The Weekender Bag is made of approximately one gillion pieces that you need to cut out of fabric, interfacing, and foam/batting until you want to beg for mercy.  Just FYI.

Here are my main panels:

Yup, I decided to go with the light grey linen.  I was advised by wise peeps on Instagram that the stripes might be too crazy-making for my first time around.  So although I love a good challenge, I figured that just making this bag with the mods I'm doing is challenge enough.  So this is a layer of linen fused to Shape Flex interfacing, then fused to Flex Foam (my sub for batting), then spray basted to duck canvas.  I am still debating on quilting this with a loopy meander or with straight lines; because of the sturdiness of the foam, it really doesn't need the quilting for stability.

And here are my exterior pockets:
Main Panels
Side Panels
 These are also interfaced with Shape Flex and fused to foam, but I omitted the canvas.  I'll be adding piping to tops of the side panel pockets.  I'll also be adding a zipper to the top of one of the main panel pockets:

Because the zip I had on hand was 14", and the top of the pocket is 16", I decided that I'll add a couple of tabs of fabric to the ends of the zipper tape to bring it to size.  I think this will also reduce the bulk in the seams so I'm thinking I'm pretty clever right about now :-).  I'll also be adding magnetic snaps to the interior of the main panel pockets, as I have read other Weekenders mentioning that the pockets can gape from the bag body.

I'm also prepping my linings:

I'm doing a zippered pocket on one side, and a double slip pocket on the other.  I've never done a zippered pocket in lining, so this will be yet another new thing to learn, and I'm saving it for last.  

Here's the lining with the pocket I know how to do:

I made the pocket smaller than the entire length and width of the panel to keep it from adding to the bulk in the bag seams.  Plus, I don't think I really lost a whole lot of storage space by doing this ;-).  I sewed 2 pieces of that gorgeous Hello Darling floral fabric right sides together (leaving a hole), flipped it inside out through the hole, then pressed it out.  I added a narrow binding to the top (I cut it 1 1/2" and attached with a 1/8" seam), and sewed right down the middle to make 2 pockets.  I used my handy-dandy longarm centering measuring tape to figure out middle.  Worked like a charm:

BTW, I use Frixon pens to do all of my marking, since the ink disappears when hit by a warm iron.  Brilliant!!  

Okay, so the imminent future is comprised of figuring out that main panel lining zipper pocket, finishing that main panel exterior "pocket in a pocket" zipper deal, and installing the magnetic clasps.  Then I need to quilt my main panels.  THEN, I have to make my handles to sew to those main panels.  I still need to cut bias strips and make my piping, and once that's done, I can actually start sewing pieces together! :-)

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