Thursday, June 2, 2016

I've Been Busy, and "BLOOM" Blocks 10 & 11

After finishing that quilt for my SIL, I've found myself at that awkward point of relief that the large project is FINISHED, but kind of confused about what do work on next.  There are so many things/techniques/patterns I want to try!!

But I went back and worked on some projects in process.  I did some "Bloom" Blocks, numbers 10 and 11:

And here is my "Bloom" quilt thus far:

I also took this lull in the action to try my hand at making gifts for my son's teachers.  Totes are always cool, right?  So I hopped over to Missouri Star Quilt Co., followed Jenny's tutorial on making a tote from charm squares, and came up with these beauties:

I used Pellon Flex Foam (fusible) instead of the batting, and I really LOVE that stuff for bags!  As you can see, the bags stand up on their own, and the handles are really cushy too.  I'm going to have to make myself one too!

I also started a baby quilt for an expectant co-worker:

Just need to border it with red, then bind with black, and it'll be done!  I've got some left-over aqua Soft N Comfy fabric to use for backing, which will be absolutely perfect!

Also, my "bonus" quilt blocks are at the point where I actually need to figure out something for them to become.  I decided on 1" (finished) red/tomato sashing to start with:

Pookie helped with the lay-out
Still gotta sew into rows, then sash the rows.  I LOVE this simple little quilt!!  This is my first time trying colored sashing, and I really like how it frames the pale-ish blocks.

And lastly, I made this adorable "camera" bag for my son's hockey coach's daughter, who is their "Assistant Coach".  She loves photography, so I'm hoping she'll like this:

This was based on THIS tutorial for an Instagram camera bag by Living DIY Style.  I really liked how this came out, except next time I will attach fabric at both ends of the zipper so that I sew through the fabric, rather than the zipper, for a nicer finish.  Live and learn!

So, I still don't have a new quilt top in the works, but maybe I'll take this opportunity to finish some that have been languishing around for awhile.  I think I'll post those next, to hopefully shame myself into finishing them up.  ;-)

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