Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekender Sew-Along 2016 - Day One

I'm really doing it:
Click the pic for the deets at Happy Little Cottage
Today is Day One of the Weekender Bag Sew Along 2016.  That's #wbsa2016 to you Instagram peeps!  However, as indicated in my last post, I started early, and I've already made the Mini Swoons for the big front & back pockets, and the side pockets are are tulip and a strawberry:
Before patchwork...
At this point, I'm still not sure what color I want to make the main body!  Ugh!  So here are my choices, modeled with the Mini Swoon pockets and a mock up of the piping:

Grey Linen
Grey Linen

Grey Pillow Ticking - Vertical
Grey Pillow Ticking - Vertical
- OR -

Grey Pillow Ticking - Horizontal
Grey Pillow Ticking - Horizontal
Yeah, so see?  I can't tell what's better!  Is the ticking too "busy" for the patchwork?  But it's so cute!   Please help!

At this point, I've drafted up how I'll be fleshing out the side pockets:

 They'll look so great!  The tulip started out as the Thimble Blossoms pattern "Vintage Tulips", but I had to tweak it to (barely) fit on the pocket template.  The strawberry came from THIS tutorial by Skyberries Handmade, except that I made all of the squares 1/2" smaller.

After I finish these, I'll fuse them to some Pellon Shape Flex interfacing, and then instead of a double-layer of batting, I'll fuse them to some Pellon Flex Foam, which is similar to ByAnnie's "Soft and Stable".  I actually used the Flex Foam in some totes, and they are soft, but keep their shape amazingly well.  I'm debating also adding a layer of cotton drill to the body pieces, but I probably will just go ahead and do it, only because I plan on using the finished bag as a carry-on, and I want it to be very substantial.  Only thing is that I'm not sure how the Flex Foam will behave with the drill.  I guess I'll find out!


  1. LOVE those side pockets! I'm prepping hexies for my main front/back pockets but stuck on ideas for the side pockets. The strawberry is adorable! I may be a total copycat. :) Also looooove the zip-top pocket on the front. I AM doing that! I wanted to do that on my first Weekender but I didn't. It's a fabulous idea.

    1. Thanks Jen! BTW, if you do the strawberries, try to at least 1/2" of plain background at the the top and bottom of the berry, since that will be eaten in the seam allowance...your pockets may end up a tiny bit bigger than the pattern, though, which I think would still be fine. Unfortunately, I didn't allow that space, so my berry's going to be a little "squashed" ;-) Good luck!!