Sunday, April 10, 2016

"BLOOM" Sew Along, Block 2

I love lazy, cold and rainy Sundays like today!  The gloomy weather really gets me in the mood to get into comfy sweats, stay inside and do lots of crafty, creative things.  I don't know why, but I love this weather!

So I finished my first "Bloom" Sew Along Block earlier today.  And I was so inspired, I went ahead and made Block 2.  
Credit: "A Bee in My Bonnet". Click the pic for Lori's Tutorial.
Now that I've figured out what I'm doing, and I've set up a little method for my madness, it seems a lot easier to get these done!  So I picked out my fabrics, which are very similar to the pattern:

So after doing all the tracing, pressing, peeling, and sticking, I followed Lor's directions and put this together:

I made the stems thicker than called for, since my first block's stem was completely overwhelmed by the blanket stitch.  However, maybe this is just too thick.  Sigh!

So I did a bunch more blanket stitch to applique this block:

I'm beginning to think that the blanket stitch is just a tad...much.  It seems like it is taking away from the detail of the block.  Hopefully, when it's all put together, the stitching will just blend in.  Hopefully.  Next time I do applique, I'll opt for a light zig-zag stitch.

Slapped some framing on it, and it's good to go:

Here are my two blocks, together!  I really love how they've turned out.  Not too bad for my first stab at applique!

Still got 10 more to catch up on, though!

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