Saturday, April 23, 2016

"BLOOM" Sew Along, Block 5

It's the weekend, and after doing chores and doing stupid car maintenance stuff, I finally got some time to quilt!! :-)  

I got in gear and finished Block 5 of Lori Holt's "Bloom" Sew-Along.

Credit: "A Bee in My Bonnet". Click the pic for Lori's tutorial.
Here are the fabrics I chose.  I didn't like the mint stems and leaves, so I went with green ones instead:

So I traced the templates onto Steam a Seam...

 rough-cut them out, stuck them to the backside of the fabrics...

 pressed to set the glue, trimmed them up exactly, and then arranged them on the background square...

Added applique, again outlining in gawd-awfully slow blanket stitch, except using zig-zag stitch for the stems:

Added the framing scrappy strips, and Block 5 is done!

Now, on to Block 6!

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